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Moreover, the mayor of Radjah Buayan, Zamzamin Ampatuan, said that he will continue to oversee the tending of the bamboo nursery in his municipality.

“We will go through every activity that’s to be conducted to guarantee the nursery’s survival,” the Honorable Mayor said.


As of writing, the bamboo nursery built by ARMM-DENR in Radjah Buayan has an 85% survival rate.

Eight (8) varieties of bamboo have been planted in the nursery. Some of them are the bamboo species of giant bamboo, bayog, yellow bamboo, japanese bamboo, and kawayan kiling among others.


Aside from the bamboo nursery, a 1,000-hectare bamboo plantation will also be established in Radjah Buayan at Mt. Kabalukan. The plantation will be along the mountain’s dry river bank and farm boundaries, and near the main roads.


The bamboo nursery and plantation establishment is under the Sustainable Integrated Area Development program of ARMM-DENR. It aims to aid the communities within the region to address the issues of climate change and deforestation, and the negative societal effects these environmental issues bring.

































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